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"I have successfully represented many clients who have suffered serious injuries or lost a loved one due to motor vehicle crashes.  You will need an experienced and aggressive attorney to represent you after such an accident to seek fair compensation for your damages from the responsible party.  I am Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law and I will give your injury case my personal attention and best effort."

 Sheadyn R. Rogers, President of Rogers Law Firm


In Texas and the United States, automobile accidents continue to be a major cause of serious personal injury and wrongful death to the occupants of such motor vehicles.  People are injured every day in car accidents in Nueces County, Texas.  Common causes of car wrecks include the following negligent activity on the part of drivers:

  • failure to keep a proper lookout;
  • driver distraction or fatigue;
  • speeding;
  • texting and cell phone use while driving; and
  • driving while intoxicated on alcohol or drugs.

Victims who sustain injuries from car crashes typically incur damages including medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and physical impairment.  These damages can continue long into the future if the victims injuries are permanent in nature.  If you are involved in a car accident, Rogers Law Firm suggests that you follow the advice in Rogers Law Blog:  What to Do After a Car Accident in Texas.

You May Contact Corpus Christi Auto Accident Lawyer Sheadyn R. Rogers of Rogers Law Firm at (361) 356-6057 today for expert legal help.

The Texas Department of Transportation has reported its data for 2013 relating to motor vehicle crashes, injuries and fatalities.  In 2013, 232,041 persons were injured in motor vehicle crashes and 3,337 were killed.  There were 65,539 serious injury crashes and 89,270 people sustaining a serious injury.  Nueces County experienced 7,520 motor vehicle crashes in 2013 with 1,453 people suffering serious injuries and 33 killed.  The economic loss involving motor vehicle crashes in Texas was estimated at a staggering $25.7 billion dollars.  

Based on many years of handling auto accident cases for clients, it is my strong belief that car accident victims recover much fairer compensation for their injuries if they have hired a Board Certified Personal Injury Trial Lawyer to represent them as soon after the automobile accident as possible.  Insurance companies representing the adverse driver will try to settle with you as soon as possible after the car accident for much less than you deserve if you allow these companies to do so.  With the help of an experienced automobile accident attorney, the full extent of your damages can be submitted to the insurance company so that you receive fair compensation for your injuries and damages.  For information concerning personal injury damages recoverable in automobile accident case, see Rogers Law Blog:  Damages Recoverable in a Texas Personal Injury Lawsuit.

Corpus Christi car accident lawyer Sheadyn R. Rogers of the Law Offices of Sheadyn R. Rogers, P.C. d/b/a Rogers Law Firm has helped hundreds of clients who have suffered serious injuries in car accidents obtain needed compensation for their damages.  Rogers Law Firm can help you with your automobile accident case by:

  • Proving the adverse driver is at fault for causing the automobile accident;
  • Assisting you in locating quality doctors and therapists who will provide necessary medical treatment to you so that you can recover from your injuries;
  • Collecting all of your medical records and bills, as well as loss of earnings documentation, so that a proper settlement demand can be presented;
  • Preparing an effective and persuasive settlement demand package for your case;
  • Negotiating a fair settlement of your injury claim with your full consent and approval;
  • Filing a lawsuit on your behalf if a lawsuit is needed;
  • Preparing the lawsuit for trial by battling the insurance company and their attorneys;
  • Mediating and settling the automobile accident lawsuit if possible;
  • Proceeding to a jury trial concerning your automobile accident case if needed.

Rogers Law Firm handles car accidents on a regular basis.  However, it is never a "regular" experience for a client who has suffered injury in an automobile accident.  Therefore, Sheadyn R Rogers treats every client like a he would want a close family member to be treated.  Also, Mr. Rogers personally works on every aspect of a client's automobile accident case; therefore, you can rest assured that you have hired an experienced automobile accident attorney who has the extensive knowledge of the facts of your automobile accident that you expect and deserve.

If you have been involved in an auto accident and suffered serious personal injury or lost a loved one due to wrongful death, contact Corpus Christi auto accident lawyer Sheadyn R. Rogers of the Law Offices of Sheadyn R. Rogers, P.C. d/b/a Rogers Law Firm  at (361) 356-6057 or fill out the firm's consultation request form for expert legal help. Rogers Law Firm represents clients injured in car accidents in Corpus Christi and throughout all of South Texas.

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