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"After many years of experience in handling personal injury claims and lawsuits, as well as family law and divorce cases, I decided to become a professional mediator to serve and assist attorneys, their clients, and individuals in resolving their legal disputes.  I truly believe that mediation is an extremely effective tool in settling legal disputes for all parties and for all types of cases.  If you are in need of a mediator to assist you to settle a legal dispute, I would be honored to help."

Sheadyn R Rogers, President of Rogers Law Firm


Sheadyn R Rogers is available to serve as mediator for all civil disputes.  Mr. Rogers' experience and qualifications to serve as your mediator include the following:

  • Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law
  • Practiced law on both sides of the docket for Plaintiffs and Defendants, representing individuals in serious personal injury cases and defending insurance companies, corporations, doctors, hospitals, and individuals in such cases
  • Proceeded successfully to jury trial on numerous civil litigation cases including obtaining multi-million dollar jury verdicts for Plaintiffs and defense verdicts for Defendants
  • Extensive professional training on mediation from University of Texas Law School, Center for Dispute Resolution Center
  • Experience handling family law and divorce cases
  • Extensive professional training on Advanced Family Law mediation from Dispute Resolution Center, Austin, Tx
  • Volunteer mediator at Dallas County Dispute Resolution Center
  • Successful track record in serving as mediator and advocate in mediations

Mediation is an informal process in which the parties to a legal dispute hire a mediator to assist in attempting to obtain a binding settlement of the dispute.  The mediator is neutral at all times and does not decide who is the "winner" or "loser" of the legal dispute.  Instead, the mediator facilitates a possible settlement of the dispute by encouraging the parties to consider the other side's evidence and arguments and encouraging the parties to consider what may happen if the dispute proceeds to a jury trial.  Also, everything that occurs at mediation is confidential, including all conversations concerning the strengths and weakness of the case, as well as settlement offers.  Such information is not allowed to be used in court or during a trial.

The advantages of mediation include the following:

  • Time savings - mediation can resolve your legal dispute much faster than proceeding to a trial;
  • Cost savings - mediation can save thousands of dollars in litigation expenses;
  • Confidentiality - mediation is generally confidential, whereas trial is public record;
  • Control - mediation allows you to take control of your case and to choose the terms of a settlement, as opposed to relying on a Judge or jury to decide the fate of your case.

A typical mediation begins with an opening session in which the parties, their attorneys, and the mediator meet together and each side provides a brief statement of their position concerning the legal dispute.  After the opening statements, the parties and their attorneys are typically separated and the mediator then spends the remainder of the mediation consulting with each side privately.  Mediators only share information with the other side with permission of the parties and their attorneys.  Mediators then facilitate ways to settle the dispute.  Again, everything that occurs in mediation is confidential and can not be used by the opposing party in court if the case does not settle.  

If the parties agree to a settlement of the legal dispute, the mediator then drafts a Mediated Settlement Agreement memorializing the parties' agreement in writing and then the agreement is signed voluntarily by all parties to the dispute.  This agreement constitutes a binding contract.  The agreement to settle the case is 100 percent voluntary, which means that if you are not satisfied with the proposed settlement, you can proceed with your case to trial. Mediation is truly a VERY effective way to settle legal disputes and avoid the risk of a jury trial for all parties.

Whether you are an attorney or individual, contact Sheadyn R. Rogers at the Law Offices of Sheadyn R. Rogers, P.C. d/b/a Rogers Law Firm at (361) 356-6057 or submit your information on the firm's CONTACT US PAGE today to discuss mediation of your legal dispute.  Sheadyn R. Rogers is available to conduct mediation of personal injury claims and lawsuits, as well as all civil disputes including family law and divorce cases, throughout the Corpus Christi metroplex and all of the South Texas area.


Rogers Law Firm serves the following areas: Aransas County, Bee County, Brooks County, Duval County, Jim Wells County, Kenedy County, Kleberg County, Live Oak County, Nueces County, Refugio County, San Patricio County & the Corpus Christi TX Metroplex.

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