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Friday, April 24, 2015

Avoiding Auto Accidents in Bad Weather in Corpus Christi Tx

Corpus Christi and all of South Texas has received significant thunderstorms and rainfall during the Spring of 2015 and additional weather-related events are expected.  Many automobile accidents, trucking accidents, and motorcycle accidents resulting in serious injuries and even death to the drivers and their passengers have also been recently reported by local news media outlets during these weather related events.  

In fact, studies indicate that driving a motor vehicle during bad weather significantly increases the risk of a crash and resulting injuries.  You can decrease the risk to yourself and your family of being seriously injured or killed in a motor vehicle crash by following the below advice and tips for avoiding motor vehicle crashes during bad weather. 


Weather-Related Events Increase the Danger of Motor Vehicle Crashes 

A ten year study based on data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that of the 5,870,000 motor vehicle crashes each year, approximately 23 percent, or 1,312,000 of such vehicle crashes occur during weather-related events.  On average, weather-related motor vehicle wrecks result in 6,250 deaths and 480,000 injuries to drivers and their passengers.  More specifically, about 74 percent of these motor vehicle crashes occur on wet pavement and 46 percent occur during rainfall.  (Source:  Road Weather Management Program:  How Do Weather Events Impact Roads?).

It is clear that weather-related events such as thunderstorms, rainfall, and wind can negatively affect driver capability and vehicle performance.  Rainfall and wind can decrease a drivers reaction time and impact visibility distance and speed limit control.  Wet pavement and high winds can also impact vehicle performance including traction, stability, and maneuverability.


Tips to Avoid Motor Vehicle Crashes During Weather-Related Events

The following tips can decrease the chance that you are involved in a weather-related motor vehicle crash:

  1. Keep your vehicle properly maintained by ensuring that it has quality wiper blades, that the brakes are in good condition, and that the tires are in good condition;
  2. Avoid driving during weather related events such as thunderstorms - you simply can not control how safe or unsafe other drivers operate their vehicles on the roadway;
  3. Absolutely avoid driving at night during bad weather unless it is an emergency;
  4. If you must drive your vehicle during a weather-related event such as a thunderstorm, avoid major highways and drive slowly for short distances only;
  5. Always wear your seatbelt and do not use your cell phone while driving. 

Hopefully, these tips will increase your safety while driving and decrease your chance of becoming one of the weather-related crash statistics cited above.


What to Do if You are Seriously Injured in a Weather-Related Motor Vehicle Crash

If you are unfortunately injured in a weather related automobile accident, the first thing you should do is to call 911 and seek medical help by taking an ambulance to the emergency room of your local hospital.

The next thing your should do after such an automobile accident is to contact a Board Certified Personal Injury Trial Lawyer.  Even when negligent drivers cause automobile accidents during bad weather, many auto insurance companies try to defend their insured drivers by claiming that the motor vehicle crash was not caused by the negligence of their insured, but instead the crash was caused by a "sudden emergency" or constituted an "unavoidable accident."  These "defenses" are often used by insurance companies to avoid compensating the innocent victims of automobile accidents who have sustained serious injuries and who have incurred damages including medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and physical impairment.

Rogers Law Firm disagrees with these type of "defenses" often employed by insurance companies to avoid liability on valid personal injury claims involving automobile accidents.  The common law in Texas mandates that a driver owes a duty to other drivers to operate his or her vehicle in a reasonably safe manner as an ordinary person would do so "under the circumstances."  Therefore, reasonably safe driving requires that drivers take extra precautions on roadways to drive safe by slowing down during weather-related events.  

Rogers Law Firm fights for injured clients who have sustained injuries in motor vehicle crashes caused by the negligence of other drivers when such drivers and their insurance companies attempt to shift the blame on the weather instead of accepting responsibility for causing the accident.

 I hope that you and your family remain safe at all times and enjoy the Spring of 2015; however, if you or your loved one has suffered serious injury due to an automobile accident, eighteen wheeler accident, or motorcycle accident, you may call Corpus Christi Tx personal injury lawyer Sheadyn R Rogers of Rogers Law Firm at (361) 356-6057 or you may fill out the law firm's online free consultation form for a free consultation concerning your case.

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