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Do I have a strong personal injury case?

I have fully recovered from my injuries. Do I still have a case?

How does my attorney get paid?

How long will my personal injury case take?

What is my role in my personal injury case?

Q: Do I have a strong personal injury case?

You will need to consult an experienced personal injury trial lawyer to obtain the answer to this question.  Issues that are analyzed to determine whether you have a strong case include liability, causation, and the nature and severity of your injuries and damages.  With respect to liability, every personal injury case requires proof that the person or company who caused your injuries was at fault for the accident.  You must also have prove that your injuries and damages were caused by the negligent conduct of the person at fault for the accident.  Rogers Law Firm offers free consultations for all potential personal injury clients.  Please feel free to call Corpus Christi Tx personal injury lawyer Sheadyn R Rogers at (361) 356-6057 for a free consultation concerning your case or fill out the law firm's online consultation request form.


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Q: I have fully recovered from my injuries. Do I still have a case?

Absolutely.  My grandma used to say "If you have your health, you have everything."  After a personal injury accident, your goal should be to obtain all necessary medical treatment available to you to recover from your injuries.  My goal is to recover enough compensation for you to pay for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.  Thankfully, many personal injury victims eventually recover from their injuries, but they still are entitled to recover fair compensation for the damages caused by those injuries while they existed.


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Q: How does my attorney get paid?


Rogers Law Firm accepts personal injury and wrongful death cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning the law firm agrees to be paid attorney fees at an agreed upon percentage of the gross recovery in your case.  The law firm also advances the court costs and case expenses (such as deposition costs, court reporter fees, filing fees, expert fees, copy expenses, etc) so you are not burdened with these expenses while the case is pending.  After the case settles or an amount is recovered at trial,  you agree to first pay the contingency percentage for attorney's fees out of the gross recovery and then also agree to reimburse the court costs and case expenses to the firm.  If you do not obtain a recovery with respect to your case either through settlement or trial, you do not owe the law firm any attorney's fees or case expenses.  No Recovery, No Fees!

If you hire Rogers Law Firm, all such information will be presented to you in a written employment agreement for your review, approval and signature.


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Q: How long will my personal injury case take?


The answer to this question depends on a too many factors to articulate on this site.  I have had personal injury cases take as little as thirty (30) days to settle (a rare circumstance) and I have had more complex cases take as long as two (2) years to resolve. Many times, smaller and uncomplicated cases can be settled with the adverse party's insurance carrier without having to file a lawsuit which typically reduces the amount of time needed to resolve the case.  If a lawsuit is needed with respect to your case, it can take anywhere from six months to two years to resolve the case.

Most importantly, I avoid settling personal injury cases too soon without allowing my clients sufficient time to obtain necessary medical treatment for their injuries.  Rogers Law Firm then works expeditiously to obtain clients' medical records and bills after treatment is completed so that settlement negotiations may begin with respect to each clients' case.  The number one goal of Rogers Law Firm is to obtain a fair settlement for each client.

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Q: What is my role in my personal injury case?


I tell each one of my personal injury clients that their focus should be on their health and to obtain all necessary medical treatment for their injuries.  This means that your number one role in a personal injury case is to attend all of your medical appointments and to follow your doctor's advice and recommendations.

It is also important that you help your attorney in providing relevant documents that your attorney requests such as photographs of your injuries, past check stubs to support any lost wages claim, and any other documents your attorney needs to present your claim.  With respect to obtaining your medical records and bills, Rogers Law Firmtypically asks clients to sign a medical authorization which allows the law firm to obtain the clients' medical records and bills once medical treatment is completed.  If your case proceeds to a lawsuit, you may also be asked by your attorney to assist in answering written questions about the case, as well as providing sworn testimony in a deposition or at trial.

You can rest assured that Rogers Law Firm will handle the legal aspects of your case and prepare you for depositions or trial if such are needed. Rogers Law Firm will also keep you advised of important developments concerning the case.  When it is time to enter settlement negotiations, Sheadyn Rogers personally discusses the important aspects of the case with each client and only settles the case with the client's consent and approval. 


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